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One of our popular personal skills courses for people who feel that they need to control how they work with others, often linked to our Time Management Course.

Assertiveness training is a one-day seminar and can be taken in our training centre or delivered on your premises by agreement. We also offer an individual one-to-one version of this training when privacy is a factor.

The training is interactive and includes practical examples and role play.

Course Content

What Assertiveness Is
Self Rating exercise
3 Basic Response styles
Building Confidence and Self Esteem
Your Rights—personal and in the workplace
Assertiveness—Verbal and Non-verbal communication skills
Making and refusing requests assertively
Using the broken record technique
Finding a workable compromise
The fogging technique
Giving and receiving praise and criticisms

Time Management

This intensive one-day seminar is aimed at all staff who have pressures on their time - who doesn't, nowadays?
It can be delivered in our Training Centres, or on customer premises by agreement.

Course Content

What is time management – why bother?
Reviewing how you manage your time now
The importance of control and planning
Prioritising – the ABC system
The theory and practice of time management
Defeating procrastination
Dealing with time wasters and interruptions
How to handle paperwork
Assertion and time management
Group exercises and feedback

Meetings and Minute Taking

This one-day seminar is aimed at anyone who has to take Minutes and write them up.

It can be delivered in our Training Centres, or on customer premises by agreement.

This course has been specially developed for people who need to take notes or minutes of meetings – extracting the real content of the discussion to provide accurate minutes.  The major focus of the morning is on listening skills and extracting the meaning of what is presented. The afternoon concentrates on creating the minutes

The seminar is highly interactive and involves several practical exercises, culminating in the minuting of a video meeting.  Individual feedback is then given to each delegate on the content and style of their minutes

Course content

  • The key to effective communications
  • Listening vs. Hearing
  • Active listening skills
  • Listening skills quiz plus feedback
  • Listening effectively to build rapport
  • Using questioning skills to check understanding
  • Understanding the barriers to good listening
  • Identifying the real meaning – précis and summary
  • The importance of body language
  • Listening, questioning and summarising exercises
  • Minute styles
  • Practical exercise on taking minutes – marked against a “correct” version
  • Individual feedback and advice
  • Action planning

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