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Assertiveness Skills
This course addresses
people's concerns of not being liked and offending others; with setting effective boundaries and behaving appropriately when pressed by other people; and with being able to say "no" and managing conflict.

Communication Skills
Why and how we communicate, why communications break down, active listening skills, listening exercises, overcoming the 4 barriers to effective communication, meta communications, non-verbal communications: body language, good questioning. And written communications

Customer Care
How to make sure your Customers come back time and again with new orders, and how to handle problems that may arise within any commercial transactions. Good customer care is the essential ingredient for business improvements.

Developing Customer Relationships
Customers are the lifeblood and the reason for being in business. Learn the Key Skills to continually develop positive interactions with customers and how to handle complaints and "difficult customers"

Disciplinary Procedures
Current employment legislation requires organizations to conduct disciplinary processes in a planned, controlled and fair manner. This course covers all the essential areas and includes disciplinary interviewing role plays.

Equal Opportunities
Guidance on current legislation and policies and processes that you need to have in place, including case studies and development of good practice.

Grievance Procedures
Knowing the common causes and forms of grievance in the workplace can assist in preventing major employee problems. The course includes current legislation and case studies.

Handling Difficult Customers
How to cope with contentious customer situations and manage progress to a positive conclusion that benefits both the customer and your company. Delegates will learn conflict resolution techniques, calming people and developing rapport.

How to Build your Confidence
Developing self-confidence and esteem will be the end result of this highly interactive course. Participants will identify their strengths and limitations in order to build a developmental belief system.

Interpersonal Skills
Designed for those who either lack of need to develop further interpersonal skills, delegates will learn effective communication and assertiveness skills to build credibility with others.

Joint Consultation
For businesses, managers and employees implementing the 2004 Regulations for Information and Consultation—learn the processes, pitfalls and ways to make your consultation committee successful.

Management Skills
The main skills of management of people are covered in depth, including setting standards and goals, directing, supporting and evaluating others. Management exercises are a key feature.

Managing Change
Most people in the workplace resist change, therefore the sensitive handling of change is critical to successful implementation. Learn the proven strategies for success.

Managing Meetings
Many meetings are unplanned, poorly structured and badly run, leading to time wasting and un-motivated staff. This course will show delegates new ways to improve their meetings.

Managing Stress
There are many causes of stress in the workplace, and good management will be able to identify, relieve or remove them. The course includes key coping mechanisms for staff and managers.

Negotiation Skills
Negotiation and selling are not the same. Negotiation strategies require a detailed knowledge of the costs, conditions and tactics for successful outcomes. Includes common negotiating mistakes, exercises and feedback.

Power Talking
Communicating to "express" rather than to "impress" is an acquired skill, involving assertive techniques and how to gain respect and results. This course also helps to build self-esteem.

Presentation Skills
The ability to make successful presentations to others has long been acknowledged as an essential management skill. This course, for novices and those with some experience covers the key techniques and builds confidence to present effectively.

Reception Skills
Often the organization's Receptionist is the first point of contact for customers—hence the need for an enthusiastic and motivated job holder. This course covers all the areas to train your Receptionist effectively.

Reports and Letter Writing
This intensive course is designed for all those who have to present formal reports in writing. It covers the structure and sequence, the drafting of reports and what to avoid. (We also have a technical course on using Word to create very large reports)

Supervisory Skills
Highly Participative, this course is ideal for newly promoted supervisors of those who aspire to the Supervisory Role. The main skills are covered, including handling difficult and un-motivated staff.

Systematic Approach to Training
Participants will learn to identify learning needs,, select learning methods, organize and monitor the training process. Getting objective feedback and evaluating the training are included, as are several case studies.

Telephone Techniques
For people who have to work using the telephone in a customer-facing role—clarity of communication, handling complaints, and making every caller feel valued. Includes video examples and role play to reinforce learning

Time Management
Learn to say "No" to tasks that are not yours.. .Stop wasting your energy with conflicting tasks, learn how to prioritise and manage your use of time available to the best outcome. Techniques to prevent overload.

Train the Trainer
Learn how to train staff to be on-the-job trainers; listening techniques, training methods and much more—improve production quality, morale and staff satisfaction. Includes important feedback materials.

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