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Dreamweaver Creative Cloud

Learn how to use the industry favourite Web Design Tool - Adobe Dreamweaver. Our courses can each be completed in about 12 hours - studying at your own pace with a tutor in our Training Centres. Tutors are alwas available to guide you, so there is no risk of your being left behind or getting bored!

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The first level course covers: 

Understanding the Internet and HTML

  • The Dreamweaver environment
  • Working with documents
    • Creating fluid Web pageS with Bootstrap
    • Creating documents
    • Enhancing documents
    • Enhancing Web pages
    • Formatting documents
    • Checking your spelling
    • Importing text
    • Designing a site

    Creating sites

    • Working with the Site panel
    • Working with site maps
    • Working with templates
    • Connecting Web pages
    • Linking pages
    • Creating links by using named anchors
    • Linking to Web sites and e-mail addresses
    • Working with images

    Inserting images in a document

    • Adding background images
    • Creating links by using images
    • Creating tables
    • Formatting tables
    • Creating frames and uploading sites

    The second level Dreamweaver Advanced Course covers

    Creating head content for a Web page

    • Defining elements of the HEAD tag
    • Using elements in the HEAD tag, Introduction to style sheets
    • Working with cascading style sheets, Using linked style sheets, Working with forms and libraries
    • Using forms, Database and server-side scripting, Creating libraries, Working with rollovers and behaviours
    • Working with rollovers, Using Flash objects, Using behaviours, Working with layers
    • Adding layers, Modifying layers by using the Layers panel, Attaching behaviours to layers, Repeating and recording commands, Working with timelines
    • Creating timelines, Modifying timelines, Testing sites in target browsers and checking browser compatibility




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